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Not sure what happened to #1 but no matter.

Please finish this partial sentence and then begin a new thread with your original teaser.

TBD seems especially

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almost everyday.

The next time I
retire, I'm going to do things differently.

Some people . . .
just dont know how to enjoy life

When it gets dark
some people think it is bedtime.

It takes . . .
two to tango.

I wish I could have
tangoed with all the pretty girls at the dance.

New year's . . .
was very sobering around here.

My next vehicle will be a
more economical, electric car.

Gas prices . . .
will only be going higher.

My husband thinks
suppliers are a monopoly.

Most people though . . .
are basically good.

Tomorrow will be
another opportunity to rasie prices again.

Fill 'er up . . .




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