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Not sure what happened to #1 but no matter.

Please finish this partial sentence and then begin a new thread with your original teaser.

TBD seems especially

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are talking on the phone.

The best weatherman is..
it would snow here, just a little, just for fun.

Desert life is interesting because . . .
the play of sun on the landscape never ceases to amaze.

And in the south
the mint juleps are still flowing.

Chester was a man who . . .
knew how to be Matt's trusted deputy.

Miss Kitty however
played an entirely different role as saloon proprietress "Miss Kitty Russell" on the television drama Gunsmoke.

She dodged the bullets but couldn't overcome . . .
her weak heart aching and aching

She would have enjoyed this snow storm if
she'd had a nice gentleman to keep her company.

Instead she was stranded
drown her loneliness with the wine.

However, she found that . . .
Festus made a pretty good replacement when Matt wasn't around.

And when the wine didn't work old Doc
prescibed some marijuana.

For the first time since last Fall...
she felt like whooping and hollering.

However the effects




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