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So what is your absolute favorite classic line from a movie - it could be anything from "Play it, Sam!" (Casablanca) to "Lock and Load!" (Alien) to "We may not enjoy living together, but dying together isn't going to solve anything." (Night of the Living Dead)

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A classic movie and a classic line!

"Bring me a bromide--and put some gin in it!"

Mary Boland in "The Women" after finding out that her newly-minted fifth husband, the singing cowboy, is cheating on her. 

"I do not provoke."  - Pablo, in For Whom The Bell Tolls    (I've forgotten who played him.)

just watched The Big Sleep last night ....what a great movie.....bogie..bacall...bad guys ...snappy dialogue....

the next line is bogie telling the butler "someone should wean her. she's old enough"

Yeah, a lot of those Bogart movies have line after classic line! I love The Big Sleep - it is complex enough to stay interesting!




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