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What is it about you that makes you worth falling in love with? What would make someone take a second glance, ask you out, flirt with you, and ultimately fall in love with you?


(p.s. Pru, hats don't count.)

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My willingness to wait for someone to age fairly well.
How about, I'm single, Somewhat healthy, Have a big black dog, like poetry, Long moonlit walks on the beach, and poking dead things with a stick.
Maybe we could go poke a walking stick together one day!


These days, I tend to be oblivious to all advances.

I do have an impish grin workin' for me, I guess.
In the personal ad for myself that I placed as a gag (And wound up bringing together my fiancee and I), I mentioned things like "Do you want a pair of big brown eyes gazing soulfully into yours while you take long, slow strolls on moonlit beaches? Better get a cocker spaniel then, 'cause that sure as hell ain't me", "I like to laugh until someone cries" and "Not for the faint of heart."

She says the line that hooked her was "Snarling sarcasm conceals a puppy dog heart." Hey - Whatever works, I guess...
The babes do seem to dig it.
I tried snarling once but everybody just laughed. And sarcasm just gets tangled up in my mind and comes out like a backwards joke.




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