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What is it about you that makes you worth falling in love with? What would make someone take a second glance, ask you out, flirt with you, and ultimately fall in love with you?


(p.s. Pru, hats don't count.)

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Ha ha! Sounds great. That's just what I like in a guy.
kainsworth, where have you been all my life?
I'm hoping it is an absence of potentially maladaptive genes, but it is hard to convince anyone of that.

How about...I won't upstage you in the looking attractive department.
Nice legs, kind, funnier than a bag of jokes.
You had me at nice legs.
Yeah, me too. So Karen, do you wear those wonderful summer skirts and dresses that kind of billow in the breeze? ARG! Make me crazy!
and I like moonlight walks on the beach....
Oh, excuse me, wrong site. Well this afternoon I saw a random shot of myself from ten years ago. And now you ask this question, Michael. Nice timing!
So, I'm fading outwardly, but not too far gone yet. How's that for enticing? Nice personality, a good listener, appreciate a sense of humor, fun and I have a dream car(if you don't mind pink). Only the car on this list is an eye popper.
Wow!! BAF That is kinky.
My winning smile!
Don't forget your beautiful complexion Goldilocks.
Thank you, Larry!
I'm aging fairly well.




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