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Welcome to the forum where you can laugh at somebody else's misfortune and mistakes, the exercise in futility and Murphy's Law. I must give thanks to despair.com for a lot of the images and the inspiration. The gloves are off...!ENJOY!

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Okay, since you went there first......

...I'm glad I'm neither Catholic nor athletic.


I guess kiss it to make it better went to a new level.



Posted: 11:16 am EDT May 5, 2010
Updated: 6:19 am EDT May 6, 2010

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- While Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox was being honored by U.S. Senators on Tuesday, staffers spent time trying to smear out an offensive misspelling on his cake.

Sources told Channel 2 Action News reporter Scott MacFarlane that the official Senate bakery handled the task of baking the cake that was supposed to say, “Thanks for 50 great years Bobby Cox.”

Instead, someone misspelled Cox’s last name – making it an offensive word.

MacFarlane said there was open speculation that a Braves-hating baker was responsible. Quite a few Nationals and Phillies fans work there.

Cox did not see the embarrassing misspelling. Staffers did try to smear it off, MacFarlane said, but once they realized they made it worse, they cut the piece out and threw it away.

The misspelling didn't damper Cox's feelings about being honored by the Senators. He said being personally honored by U.S. Senators was more meaningful than the Braves White House honor after 1995 World Series.
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I know someone who will give me at least some KITP for this one.

Bring your snorkel.




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