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Welcome to the forum where you can laugh at somebody else's misfortune and mistakes, the exercise in futility and Murphy's Law. I must give thanks to despair.com for a lot of the images and the inspiration. The gloves are off...!ENJOY!

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This is your "fun zone." That is your liquor. This is your "fun zone" on alcohol. Any questions?
TSD, you are going to have to go a ways to beat this thread. LOL

Now that should scorn a woman!
I think I hurt myself laughing....any attorneys around here work on contingency? Must be someone else's fault.

Well, it WAS a truck. Good luck explaining this one to the insurance company! He has a smile on his face, though, so maybe he didn't like the truck after all. Golly, I hope he wasn't standing in the truck at the time! LOL.




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