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Whats the worst thing you have ever eaten?

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I won't eat organ meats, or anything that can taste me back (i.e. tongue). Escargot and raw oysters are disgusting to me. The worst thing I have *considered* eating is Balut, a very special Asian treat, which is basically a duck embryo still in the shell. Then I saw it done and... no thanks.

I have a sensitive stomach, especially when I travel, and never need to diet as long as I can visit a foreign country. A former colleague once visited some African country where he had to eat monkey brains because his hosts would otherwise have been offended.
That is just offal.
funny one chez!!!
Possum, never again.
no cup cakes

Count me in the group that shys away from organs and such......or anything raw, except for vegetables that is.

Probably the worst thing I ever actually put in my mouth was salmon stew which my late wife, bless her heart, put in front of me during the first month of our marriage, promising me I would really like it. I really tried, but after three spoonfuls, I very carefully and respectfully asked her to never put that in front of me again. To her credit she never did.

Gimme gimme w/lots of garlic butter!!
Do you put butter on the little scooter as well???
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I think this thread is appropriate for my supper....blech...yuck...:-(
Cheese Omelet from the Holiday Inn.




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