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If you could go anywhere and take a nice long vacation, where would you go?  Who would you like to take with you? 

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Have no dream vacation, but going to Branson in Sept.

I would like to go to an island and not do anything for a while. I'm so tired of things going wrong!  lol

Hi dear Kooner.  I've had one thing after another.  Starting with me falling down and tearing my tendon in my left arm. Then lighning struck my house and destroyed  my TV's !!  It's the rainy season down here and it hasn't stopped pouring rain every day so I have to take my computer off. I'm scared of losing it with all the thunder that goes on. I'm just so tired of getting things fixed.  Take care dear friend and keep well.. Hugs,

Thanks. I had one come over Kooner and he's supposed to show up today again  but he called he's coming tomorrow. Let's hope he will finish the job and do it well.. I'm so sorry that it happened to you too. So you know the harrowing experience it can be right? lol  I'm just tired of running up and down the stairs watching what the  other techs were doing to check the wiring for my interphones that got fried !!   The rains are slowing their work.

Just don't go there this year because I just heard all the islands  are flooded from all the rains. Maybe next year??

I would go to New Ross Ireland and begin a trek around the Island. From New Ross (County Wexford) I'd head up the west shore to County Antrim. I think I'd like to use bus, bike and walking, staying at hostles and Inns over night, if not open air camping (climate's a bit rough though). Then I want to go back down to Dublin and begin a walk across the Island through Oismeth and ending up in Shannon.

I'd take me and my willingness to meet up with people.

I'd take my two sons to Australia for some fishing, beer drinking, womanizing, outbacking and just having a grand time with the Aussies.

kangaroos beware

That sounds like a great plan Johnnieboy. 

Maybe Truckie can set it up. I'm sure he has room for a bunch of crazy old Americans looking for some fun. What do you say Truckie??? I'll even buy the beer and volunteer to BBQ all the fish we catch. And whatever creature deemed semi-edible!!

last year,Sandy kicked my @$$,the year before that,Irene kicked my @$$,i'm ready,bring it.

I would go to St. Simons Island, Ga. It is a great place.I would take my friend John and my sister and her fiance. It is a very pretty little town.Lots of places to see.Fishing and swimming if you like that.A lighthouse you can visit. it also has  restaurants and stores to browse in.Its a fun vacation area.You should also visit Jekyl Island  which is right next to it.




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