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This question is not asking for your real age!
Just a yes or no will do!

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nope, not since I was buying alcohol when I was underaged.
During the last 20 or so years, when my age comes up in a conversation, for some reason or other, If I'm past the 6 month line from my last birthday, I will project and give my age of my next birth date ... I have no motive for doing this, unless it is sub-conscious ............
I know watcha mean! I hate it when I do that!
I tend to do that too, Jack. It makes it easier to round it off that way - "this is the year I'm XX".

But I don't fib. I've been proud to have made it to the milestones of 40, 50, 60, and before you know it, 70, without too much material damage.
Depends on how good the discount.
I was just about to post the same thing, Felicia, when I got to your post!!! lol Great minds think alike!!! lol
No. Never did and never will.....
I'm often told that how good I look for an 80 year old..
i remember last year when you hit 55 (are we talking about driving now?). you used to ask for the senior menu, and now you don't anymore. guess you got tired of arguing with the waitress about the fact that you don't look 55. you'll get no argument from me, 54, 55, or other! love ya sweets!
No.........I just lie about everything else :)
....and the more my guy raves about how much younger I look than I am ("I want to see your Birth Certificate - there's NO WAY you're 48! '-) the more comfortable with my age I find myself! hahaha '-)




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