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My taste buds are not real sensitive.

I have friends down in the New Orleans area that could drink a bottle of Tabasco without flinching, something I would never try, but I'm told that I like things moderately spicy.  I'm no piker, but I'm no Texan either.

According to my taste buds there are three kinds of coffee: strong, weak and bitter.  I don't know (or care) which mountain the beans were grown on or whether it was made in a machine in a fancy restaurant or in a tuna can over a campfire.  Coffee is coffee.

There are two kinds of wine: Pasta wine and sitting around wasting the afternoon wine.

There is one kind of beer: Pizza beer, this encompasses all the shades and brands.

There are two kinds of cigarettes: menthol and normal.

I can't tell if a meal is the product of hours of labor or if someone peeled the plastic back to vent.

Does this mean I'm easy to please?

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I've been told that I taste like chicken.

Is this another one of those comments that you're going to delete in a minute?

Your tastes parallel mine, to a large extent, Slim, although your knowledge of wine is much more encompassing.

I'm a Redneck.

Do you like those Snyder's Honey Mustard pretzels too?

Are those the ones that come in the big plastic jars at the Wal-Mart?  If yes, then I do like 'em!

My tastes are generally pretty pedestrian. I like instant coffee, music of the 50's 60's 70's, gas saving cars, Mickeys beer, box wine, steak, beans, salt water sea food. Yes, I like pizza, hamburgers and hotdogs. I like baseball, basketball, and football on the pro level as well as college football and basketball. I listen mostly to ESPN radio. I love Scrabble, chess, and cribbage as well as gardens and landscaping my summer home.

I do like an occasional latte or expensive red wine, particularly merlots. I like classic literature, classical music (never developed a taste for opera), great paintings and sculpture, and Shakespeare. I love books and read history in particular and American history on top of that, and still on top of that Alaskan history. I love reading the Oxford History of America. Within my interests in history I love reading about the Civil War and the founders/founding era. My favorite historians are James McPherson, Joseph Ellis, and Gordon Wood. I like PBS and National Public Radio. Also I like to read and study methodology and pedagogy in education. I am an academic by nature but simple in what gives me pleasure.

I have a very diverse and eclectic set of friends; wife that is any man's dream as she is intelligent, kind, and though not required of sought out - beautiful; - however, it is her inner beauty that has made life together so special.

Okay those are my "tastes".

You must be a Scientologist.

Either that or you've sold your soul.  Where can I get a life like that?

It's about being myself without feeling self conscious of my simplistic ways. There are people who will place themselves above me but I tend to shrug it off with indifference.

Oh man, a little grammatical editing of would have really paid off here!  Oh well, you get my tastes "unedited"!

Don't make no never mind (I heard that on 'The Waltons').

I'm just that way; it grates me to read something I wrote that is less than correct, fluid, or otherwise syntactically awkward. So I personally want to look good for the camera:)

I have champagne taste on a beer budget.  :-)

I have had a meal at a very upscale NYC place that cost near $500 for 3 of us.  Can't remember what I ate.

Had BBQ pig from a backyard smoker for free and it was wonderful!

I love caviar and honey mustard pretzels..not together though.




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