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Do you decorate? I never used to (Christmas was my thing) but my daughter left some stuff here a couple of years ago, and I've added a lot of lights, and some more decorations. 

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Trick or treat!

My daughter and I carved pumpkins.  It took us all day.  Mine is a celebrity face.  Can anyone tell who it is supposed to be?

Here it is at night:

I give up Eddie. I've looked at it 6 times today and I'm still stumped.

7th time is the charm. (after 3 beers) I knew that I knew this face, I just couldn't put my finger on it,  Abe Vigoda. Do I win a prize?


John Wayne?

I thought it looked like another old actor.  I was thinking Jack Carter.  Took me a while to remember his name too.

It was supposed to be Abe Vigoda.  TeeBub, I think you peeked at my blog!

That's fair.

Nope, no cheating. But now I have to go check out your blog.

Yeah, I was surprised by how much Abe Vigoda and Jack Carter look alike.  Uh, it was Carter who played Tessio in The Godfather, right?


Ok, I went and read your blog today. If I had read it before, the hint MAY have helped me with the answer,(only slightly, cause there are a lot of people still alive) but I really think it was the 3 beers. Plus the fact that I've known you for so long!!!!

I don't think I'm getting a prize. :-(

Well, I'm glad I didn't bother with preparing for Hallowe'en.  I ended spending it in a Red Roof Inn, my lodging for a couple of days while taking care of some unforseen family bidness.

No treaters came to my door, but just before dark I did walk next door to the CVS and bought myself an Arizona Tea, and a bag of "movie style" popcorn (which was nothing like that kind you actually get at a movie).

All in all, it was a relaxing evening.




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