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I bought a sofa...divan...couch...love seat....

I haven't had one in 4yrs.  I'm used to it being just me in the LR...and whatever kitty comes to lap.

So, with the idea of company...I bought a 'loveseat'...just enough for two.

Now the quandry is how to fit it "just right" into my design.

I have rearranged the LR 4 times today.

They all look great...but...will they live great?

Ted and Lola think it's just one big smell fest just for them.

Give me some thoughts...not that I'll take them into consideration just so you know.

Set up #1



BTW, do you change around the world you live in?  Is it okay if the bed is moved or your chair changes direction?

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Is the loveseat facing a television?

If so, I vote for #1.

If not, I vote for none of the above...


o, and, small rooms, window and door placement and radiators make it difficult to change anything around. I can, and do occasionally, in my bedroom.


p.s. I love the pattern on your chairs.

p.s.s. I don't have that rug.

Good grief Q....

Everything faces the TV....!

I love to rearrange furniture.  My ex hated it...so I rearranged him.

I like my green stripy chairs.

Rug....Sears, 1996...around $1,000.  Has held up rather well to cat barf and dog poo...Sorry, TMI.  I think it just depreciated about $999....:-)

I'd vote for number one, but I got a question....is that thing a recliner?  If so.....Suh-Weet!


Uh, I might replace that cat picture with a Keith Richards poster, while you're at it.


One of those apartment size 'fridges in there, for beer, would be a nice touch too....right next to the recliner.


One final thing....I'm worried that that plant on the chest might partially block the view of the TV.


Other than those minor changes, it looks pretty good. 


No..not a chance in hell.

No..not a chance in hell.

No..not a chance in hell.

..and not at all since Ted has decided it's his couch and I can't argue w/14lb Ted.

xoxoxo   J

I still pine for that beanbag chair I leant to my brother back in the mid-eighties.  I loved that thing!  He couldn't return it because he didn't know what happened to it. 



I used one of those in the photography studio till some kid busted  a seam in it.....sprayed little white

pellets everywhere. I was still finding those things a month later.

Yup....bean bags....fond memories.   ;-)
My cats would think new furniture are scratching posts...so mine are arranged with the worst shredded areas facing the wall.
My neighbor's are moving, they have an extra if you need one...
An extra cat or an extra scratching post?
Both, actually---they are moving to a cat-free zone.
If to the right is the dining room, perhaps the loveseat at the far end of the room facing the dining room with the two chairs on the big wall with a table between them. OR...the two chairs facing into the dining room and the loveseat centered on the big wall with the ottoman stashed just to the right. I do like that green stripe pattern BTW. Crisp.




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