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I'm sure we already have this game somewhere, but I don't know where.


Choose one from the 2 choices that are left you & then leave 2 new ones to choose from.




Which would you rather eat-

Escargot or Chocolate Covered Roaches?


you choose one & leave a new question w/2 choices.




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lentil soup, sounds good on a cold rainy winter night in NJ.

what do you like least Dentists doing route canal or lawyers?

never had a root canal, but i think i would like that least-  i hate pain, pain hurts me!


lemon drops or sour balls candies?

lemon drops.

white chocolate or dark chocolate ?

white chocolate


hot tamales or jolly joes?

hot tamales

angle  or star Xmas tree topper?

Star. We have a stained glass stat that Dee made when we were going through our stained glass phase. I was mediocre, but she turned out some really outstanding pieces.

Christmas Cheer, or Bah Humbug?

 I kinda go back and forth.

ya, back and forth sounds about right


red and green decorations or blue and white for Christmas?

blue and white

outside lights.

tree lights colored.

saying Merry Xmasor or Happy Holidays?

Merry Christmas!!


Gambling or dancing on New Year's Eve?

I am gambling i won't be dancing on New years Eve.

downloading iTunes or buying the CD ?

buying CD or getting it from Limewire  (oops!)


Chinese or Japanese food?


Canadian elocution or Nigerian grammar?




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