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I'm sure we already have this game somewhere, but I don't know where.


Choose one from the 2 choices that are left you & then leave 2 new ones to choose from.




Which would you rather eat-

Escargot or Chocolate Covered Roaches?


you choose one & leave a new question w/2 choices.




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Nigerian grammar is so hilarious!!!


Three Stooges or Marx Brothers?


Strain your brain or sprain your vein.

strain your brain.

potato chips or nachos?

nachos,  mmmmm!!


salsa or pico de gallo?

there's a difference?

I'll go w/pico de gallo.

pico de gallo or french onion dip?

pico..yes, it is more chunky and hardly any sauce to it


BBQ chips or salt and vinegar?

Tough one!

I'll go with BBQ

BBQ chips or Corn Tortillas?

corn tortillas.

walking on the beach or walking on the Boardwalk?

hmmmm...... tough one again!

I guess walking on the beach, although walking on the boardwalk is fun, too.

Walking on the beach or hiking in the woods?

walking on the beach


fresh water or salt water for swimming & boating

fresh water


natural waves or straightened hair?


Skee ball or Whack-A-Mole?




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