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I'm sure we already have this game somewhere, but I don't know where.


Choose one from the 2 choices that are left you & then leave 2 new ones to choose from.




Which would you rather eat-

Escargot or Chocolate Covered Roaches?


you choose one & leave a new question w/2 choices.




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wow, that sounds really ingenious, Tee, i never tried that! I am always the designated Fruit sald maker at whatever family occasion we have. I always buy fresh pineapple and chop it in there. So much more tart than canned. I love tart!


I will choose lime, although i so love lemons too, limes are fewer seen around here and I am a huge fan of key lime pie!!!


fruit bar or vanilla ice cream pop covered in chocolate?

Pineapples are really easy to start Karen.

See... http://www.rickswoodshopcreations.com/Pineapple/pineapple.htm

Since I'm not a real fan of vanilla ice cream, I'm gonna go with the fruit bar.

anxiety or depression?



group therapy or one on one?

I'll solve all their problems as a group.

Waffle iron or electric cheese grater?

thanks for the link, Tee, i appreciate it! 

waffle iron


iron clothes or steam them?


pecans or walnuts?


Acts of ineptitude or your cup runneth over?

acts of ineptitude

going blind or  going deaf?



Smithsonian or Epcot?


washing hair or washing car?

washing hair


Katherine Hepburn or Audrey Hepburn?



sugar or artificial sweetener




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