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I'm sure we already have this game somewhere, but I don't know where.


Choose one from the 2 choices that are left you & then leave 2 new ones to choose from.




Which would you rather eat-

Escargot or Chocolate Covered Roaches?


you choose one & leave a new question w/2 choices.




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Which Republican candidate would you prefer for President-

Michele Bachmann or Jimmy McMillan?

lol... I'm curious as to whether the interest is low for this game, or no one can bear EITHER Ms. Bachmann OR Mr. McMillan as their president.

I tried to answer this earlier, but couldn't decide. If you had asked which one I would prefer as the GOP candidate for President, I could go for either one. Neither one is electable, so Pres Obama would get the 4 more years he deserves. 


Your next door neighbor, Perry or Palin?


PS, The other thread is Let The Battle Begin.







Perry. I really could not bear to live next door to Palin. And I'm w/ya on the candidate thing. I was hoping Bachmann's campaign wouldn't lose steam for that very reason. '-)

And thanks for the head's up on the other thread. We can jump to it & let this one go if you want.


Which would you rather do for a living-

clean out clogged sewage pipes or walk the "tight rope" grids on high rise construction sites?

Wouldn't mind getting rid of that "Donald Trump in a speedo" too.



...somebody make another Wordle (@ Wordle.net) & we'll replace it! '-)

clean clogged sewage pipes.



Halloween or Friday the 13th?




...think way back-


Airplane! or Blazing Saddles



Bruce Springstein or Jon Bon Jovie

Jon Bon Jovi.


Howlin Wolf or Muddy Waters?

Howling Wolf


crazy cats or barking dogs.?

crazy cats


Ugly duckling or sick goldfish?





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