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14 Years ago I almost cut out drinking entirely due to my new truck driving occupation. It's still a lot of fun to throw back a few when you're in the right company. TeeBubbaDee and his wife Dee stopped in tonight. While we were visiting my brother called and asked if they could pop in, I hadn't seen him or his fiance since the Super Bowl. It was a great time, lots of laughs!

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What? Nobody told you about the lint roller? Well it seems that Larry thinks it's a sex toy. He says that it makes Kittycat purr.  MEEEEOOOOWWWW!!!!!
LOL!!!!!!! *squealing w/delight!* '-D
I knew Larry was kinky, but sheesh, a lint roller? I wonder what he uses that swiffer duster for?

Well, D@MN! Their tagline is:

"500,000 smart fibers know what to do!"

hmmm... this is all quite enlightening.

I don't want your imagination to run away with you Deez, the lint roller was used only above the waist. It did prove to be an inexpensive sex toy.
LOL! omg, you guys are a riot! '-) You know you just imprinted my imagination, where I wasn't ACTUALLY thinking in specifics before.
LOL, you got the idea. I made KC hang her head and blush.
Puuuuurrrrrrrrrr!!!!! Not blush!!! ROFLOL
What, no kolaches, moon pies or grits?

Aggie, TBub said none of that goes well with beer. What does he know? Plus, the kolaches and moon pies are long gone, we ate them on the way back from TX. We still have the grits though, all but one package. :)

Larry, I hope ya'll had ARah Cee colas w/those moon pies. ;-)
RC Cola and moon pies.  You would feel right at home in Navasota, Texas.  The home of the late Joe Tex that wrote those words in a song.




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