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14 Years ago I almost cut out drinking entirely due to my new truck driving occupation. It's still a lot of fun to throw back a few when you're in the right company. TeeBubbaDee and his wife Dee stopped in tonight. While we were visiting my brother called and asked if they could pop in, I hadn't seen him or his fiance since the Super Bowl. It was a great time, lots of laughs!

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The aftermath.

So those were just your empties Lar?  Lets have a pic of the empties from the rest of 'em!  LOL!
No no Sir Stir. I think maybe one of those were mine, the rest were TBub's. It was embarrassing.
MGD, not a bad choice for an American beer. I like that one that's brewed in Wisconsin from the Heilman brewery. Begins with M.
It's a good beer Apposite. Tonight was one of those nights when it tasted especially good. :)
I like MGD but I like Mickey's better

In August, a lot of old TBD members are meeting near Pittsburgh. We anticipate some overnight guests for the meet. We're ready for them. Can't wait!

Ahem....looks like I better be sure and stop by!!
Is Tomorrow too early to arrive?

Not too early at all Robbie. What time?


I better drop in too to make sure things don't get out of control.
That's right Crystal, I think maybe you should. :)




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