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Oh so many years ago I simply adored camping.  And I'm talking about the good old fashioned tent camping.  But as years progressed and those air mattresses under my trusty sleeping bag kept slipping, the charm began to wear off.

But wait!  Now they have these wonderful camping hammocks!  I simply ADORE hammocks.  Maybe if I can convince some friends (or at the very least ONE friend), I can again go camping!  The rest of the camping experience is simply marvelous...and with these hammocks - OMG...the great outdoors seems to be calling me again! ;-)

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An RV is likely the only way I'd consider camping.  I need something comfortable to sleep on and indoor plumbing.  Like a few others on here, the mosquitoes seek me out and have a feast.  Tents and sleeping bags just aren't me. 

Mosquitoes don't like me.  I have only been bitten about 5 times in the last 20 years.  I guess my blood can't be too tasty.  

Karin, I can get bitten 5 times in 10 minutes.  It's like there's some sort of radar to find me.  I still won't stay inside.  Be damned if those nasty little bugs are going to win.

They say if you take vitamin B that the mosquitoes won't bite you.

I love camping -- there's nothing like sleeping in a tent, especially when it's raining!

Can't sleep in a hammock, never been able to sleep on my back.




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