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I was just sitting here thinking about poetry when I noticed the blinking lights on my telephone, then the one on my cable box, them my router....also have one on my computer tower, & one on my printer...I have 5 flashing lights & if I were to count all the little stationary ones that stay on all night from  my speakers, camera, shredder, external modem, battery back-up, surge protectors & computer screen, there are 9 stationary ones for a total of 14...Everything is in my dining room which looks like the freeway from a distance at night.

Can you beat me? How many light are in the area you spend most of your time in? 

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Wow..You got us all beat in being energy efficiant.
I can see 5 from where I'm sitting right now.
Woe T-bub...5 is a lot compared to some of these low lite people.
Black tape......Jeez...You must have some really Big lights........Your welcome for the song..such a great one.
What's the diff between blinking vs flickering vs steady?   I gots plenty.

I was counting blinking and steady.

Computer, steady

Speaker, steady

Printer, steady

Cabel modem, combo of steady and blink

WiFi modem, same as above.


Crap, I'm an energy pig. (I do recycle, does that count for anything?)

You & me both....I recycle too.....Your doing good T Bub.
No difference...count away.....I counted one light per object, but wasn't thinking some of those items had more than one light.....I would have to add several more if I counted all of them....very observant Jaylee.
Except for the main computer in the front room (between the DSL modem - 4, Computer and other accessories (4) and the evil red eyed - when off - HD TV converter box), not many.  Most of the other stuff is turned off when not in use. I do not even have a lighted alarm clock.
No lighted alarm clock!..Is that on purpose?
It wasn't planned, but I like not having the temptation to look at the clock to see the time if I happen to wake up for a moment in the middle of the night. Either that or I am just too lazy to go look :)
I suppose you have yours covered in Black tape.




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