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This is the place where you can pop in and say "hey" ONLY if you are #13 or less online here at TBD.  Sometimes the fewest voices carry the strongest message.
Pipe up and let it be known you are here....
Take a number and stand in line....
*like anyone would really know....hehe!*

What's your favorite donut or pastry...

.*that'll work too....*

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We're all here!

3@7:47 EST ......fixin' to be 2. I gotta go eat supper.

Later ya'll.....

Me, Carol T, and Raquel Welch.  How does she keep that fur bikini on?

Just me, myself and I.

Two of us a minute ago, but somebody jumped ship.

Me somebody else...and untold numbers of  lurkers....:-)

Three now, and I guess that teeming underground of which you speak Jaylee53.

I've had the place all to myself all day. Sure is quiet......4:21PM EST.

Maybe we should have a bake sale, that always attracts people.


That made me come back.  Way to go Goldie!!!

Goldi. you sure know to tempt me!!!!!




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