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....what are your Super Bowl plans?


I've stocked in lots of junk food (yeah, I know that's all I eat anyway), and will probably read a book, and kinda watch the game, until halftime.


At halftime, however, the book will be put aside, and I'll give my undivided attention to watching the Black Eyed Peas perform.


And I'm really, really hoping that Fergie experiences "Wardrobe Malfunction".


Hey, it could happen.  It did before



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Caseyjo, you're my hero!

I'm having a girlfriends day. I'm spending the afternoon w/our very own Lynn, who's driving all the way here from SC, just to spend the afternoon w/me. Hey, Robbie - guess where Lynn & I are having lunch? ...yep. YEAH! Burger!!! She's the one who turned me onto it! So, this o/l friend I've never met in person, who lives in DC & has no affiliation w/Atlanta sends me a press release for this restaurant opening & it becomes my fave hangout! How cool is that? And now I get to take her there. '-)

Then tonight I'm going out to supper after Mass w/one of my best friends. What a nice day.

But no Super Bowl. Sorry, Stir, but I haven't watched a football game in decades.

Please provide pics of the luncheon.
YEAH BURGER?......Did you two have a good fun day?....We are waiting to see pics...




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