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Are You On the Guest List for TeeBub's Birthday Party?


...well- WHY NOT??


OKAY - how about a Winter Meetup in Florida-

Largo, FL, to be exact (not Key Largo)-

& we'll use TeeBub's birthday as an excuse?



...oh, and btw -

that would be the weekend of February 11th, 2012.

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Ahhhh... Ahemmm, Stir... Hmmm, how do I put this delicatley? I just want you to know that the phrase "I also had a happy ending" can be interpreted in more than one way.


@ Stir's:

...We broke up shortly thereafter.

So, Deez, as you can see, I also had a happy ending!



Where's the LIKE button?  

It's right here Cat.

Hi everyone!!! Lar's sawing logs right now so I'm on the 'puter... :)  I just got done reading all of this thread and looking at all of the great pics... Man, did we have a wonderful time... TBub and Dee, you guys are the best...


Lar and I are in Virginia right now and headed on the last leg of our trip tomorrow... Home sweet home... I'll post some pics in the next day or two!!!


Time for me to hit the bed... Love you guys!!! Sweet dreams everyone!!!

Have a safe trip!!!

And please post pics!!!

He posted some pics on fb... we'll have to get him to post them here as well.

tips from my meetup trip to largo...

-don't wear a hot new underwire bra on travel day.

it didn't make it through security at the airport. ;-p


so.....what happened?

Were you subjected to a personal mauling by an agent???

It you have a hacksaw I can show you how to rid yourself of the damn things. (I'm talking about the wires, not the breasts).

I can get rid of it with one hand and no hacksaw.....two fingers and a thumb actually...




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