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In alphabetical order...
the*WHAT* and the *WHERE*
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Multiple morons manipulate malleable minds.

(And we know who the head moron is...)

Numerous nitwits negate no nonsense news.

;^ )

Old, out-moded, orotund obfucators orally obliterate openness.

Wow!  :^ ) 

Pompous, prevaricating politicians promulgate perfectly preposterous platforms.

Double Wow!

Quirky quislings quell quality qualifications. 

Reprehensible, remorseless, racist Republicans relentlessly reinforce repulsive tRump.

Don't hold back, my friend! Lol

Sleazy sycophants sacrifice service for self.

SO true!

Truly terrible, tawdry, traitorous tyrant Trump touts toxic, treasonous tenets to his twisted, trashy toadies. 

Wow! Hair on fire.

Unashamed, unctuous underlings undermine universal unity.

Yours too! We should do PR for Biden/Harris.:>)

Verifiably vicious, vacuous vermin voluntarily vote for a villain.

Wilfully wanton, wiley whackadoodles wreak a worldwide wasteland. 

(No X)

Yattering yeasayers yack-off while youthful yokels yawn.




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