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In alphabetical order...
the*WHAT* and the *WHERE*
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Attitudinal Arthur argues ardently.

(I like an opinionated person. LOL)

Blithering bastard Bill Barr blatantly bullshits.

Whoo, whoo! 

Countless cretins carelessly cancel cogent conclusions. 

(Can we just label those cretins the GOP?!)

Dumb, dastardly Donald doesn't "do" democracy. 

;^ )

Egregious egomania encourages evil endings.

SO true!

Fervent fanaticism foments fractured fellowship. 


Gravel-voiced, globular-gutted grandstanders grate on the guts.

No doubt!

Hollow hucksters heartily holler hot-winded hogwash. 


Irascible idiots with illogical info are irksome.

(Incredibly irksome!)

Jughead jingoists just jangle my jim-jams. :>)

King-ly kooks quaffs the killer Kool-aid. 

Large louts loot little larders.




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