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In alphabetical order...
the*WHAT* and the *WHERE*
must begin with the same letter Posted Image

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(Keep up your spirits,  Marsha)

Norbert natters needless nonsense.

(Hahaha! Sounds like tRump!)

Odd Old One Orion ordered oily onions on offal. 


Positively peculiar Peter poached purple poppies.


Queer Quincy quiddled quaffing quince Quicksands.

Ruffled Riddley roasted rubber roosters.

Hahahaha! Even funnier!

Silly Stuart sautéed Sally's slicker.  

Tetched Ted toasted tainted toadstools.

(Very Halloween-y!)

Unbalanced Ulysses upends uncooked uni. (sea urchin)

Volatile Vera is voracious for velvety veal.

Wild, worrisome Winifred wants whitefish Waterzooi.

Yammering Yolanda yacks, yada yada, yada.

Zealous Zelda zooms zestfully.




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