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In alphabetical order...
the*WHAT* and the *WHERE*
must begin with the same letter Posted Image

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Hazel hates hazy horizons.

Ignatius ignores irritating idiots.

Julius juices jicama and jam.

Kelly kept kissing Kenny kindly.

Lyman loads lemons in the larder.

Marvin misses Martha madly.

Nord nods at Nadia's nubile niece.

(Naughty Nord. Hahaha!)

Otto overtly ogles Oola.

(tsk, tsk)

Peter puts Petra in a pumpkin patch.

(Is that from the Kama Sutra? Hahaha!)

Quincy quietly questions Quentin's quackery. 

(No, from Mother Goose, lol)

Ridley's Rolodex is rife with R's. 

(R names r rampant! Haha!)

Stephanie stole Suzanne's stole. :>)




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