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In alphabetical order...
the*WHAT* and the *WHERE*
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Immodetately imbibing of Island rum, the improvidant  Idrys impacted Isabelle's Infinity, ingloriously.


Juiced up and jazzed on jiggers of Jack, Jezebel jettisoned judicious judgment and jackknifed Jerry's Jaguar. 

Even Better!

Kilroy kick-started a kilelitre keg of Kruegers - kaboom! - into Karen's Karmann Ghis.


Looped on Limoncello Lemonade, Loretta Lynn's laundress liquidates Loretta's lovely lavender Lincoln landcruiser. 

Sooo good!

Marinated on Mississippi moonshine, Mona maxed out her Mazda, moving Maisie's Mazaratti off its  moorings.


Noodled on Nomad neat, numb Nathan noisily nudged Nicholas' Nissan Nismo, nearly nullifying it. 

Out of it on oh, so many orange cosmos, Orrin obliterated Olaf the oligarch's old Olds.

I love that the oligarch named his car!

Profoundly pissed on Pinot, Pauline powerfully plowed into Priscilla's perfectly pristine pink Porsche. 

(Boy, we've come a long way from just "ants in the attic" haven't we, hehe).

Quite queezy from Quinn's Ale House, Quiggly quickly quashed Quentins quintessential Q60.

(You ain't kiddin', Baby! It's looking like we're really drunk-driving advocates. Haha!)

Really ripped on Ron Rico Rum, Roberto rams the ramp railing and ricochets into Regina's radiant red Renault.


"The Skyy's the limit," sings  Sol, swallowing sloppily, then swerving savagely into Sam's silver SUV.

OMG! You just took it to a whole new level! ツ

"Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ra," toasted Timothy twittered, twisting his wheel and thudding thunderously into Terence's terrific turquoise Thunderbird.




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