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In alphabetical order...
the*WHAT* and the *WHERE*
must begin with the same letter Posted Image

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(The visual makes my eyeballs pop).

Oral Orville is overwhelmed with overruns of Orange Blossoms .

Prissy Paige preciously pours Pink Pussies down her pipe. 

Quaint Queenie is queezy from quaffing quantities of quarts.

Randy Reginald resolutely rammed a raft of Rhyme & Reasons into his rima oris. 

Serendipitous Sarah slurpily sucks serious supplies of saucy spirits

Toasted Terence tippled ten tumblers of tasty tepid Tanqueray.


Unabashed Uncle Utz uncorked unending urns of Unicorns Tears.

Ventriloquist Verna voiced a vat of vanilla vodka verifying its vulnerability to voracious vanquishing.  


Wally whalloped walls wantonly while wicking up Willy's Wallbangers.

Hahaha! POed Wally!

Xenocrates and xanthocomic xanthippe Xandra were xanthochroic from X-ing out XXX XL Xanteas.

Good job with the x's!

Yolanda yearns for yards-long yields of Yukon Jack .

Zachariah zoned out, having zonked a zenzizenzizenzic zillion Zombies. 




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