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In alphabetical order...
the*WHAT* and the *WHERE*
must begin with the same letter Posted Image

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Sol slurps several servings of Seven  and Seagrims.

(Hahaha! I can just hear him. ツ)

Tommy tips back tumblers of Tequila Tromba.


Ulli spends umpteen urns of Unicorn Tears.

(Ulli's feeling magical tonight! LOL)

Verna voraciously vacuumed up vats of Vanilla Virtuous Vodka.

(Spends = upends . Dang!)

Wolfie wolfs wondrous woks-full of Wolfschmit whiskey.

Xylophonist Xandros eXcitedly eXtinguished XXXXs. (So sue me. LOL)  

(I know. I hate y).

Yanni yearns for 'uge yummy Yale cocktails.

Zane zaps a zillion Zubrovka Zingers. 

Antoine antes up for ale.

Bernard bellies up to the bar belching bodacious Billy Beer burps.


Caitlin chugs countless carafes of Coors.

Dorian daintily downs dozens of Dreadnaughts.




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