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In alphabetical order...
the*WHAT* and the *WHERE*
must begin with the same letter Posted Image

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;^ )

Kyle can kill a kilo of kiwi.

Lewis lusts after Luigi's luscious lasagne.

Mona moons over Mary's  magnificent moussaka. 

I LOVE  moussaka, and I make a mean one! (Michael's mother was Greek.) So, if you ever want a recipe... ツ

Nancy noshes on numerous nummy nuts.

Orrin, the octopus, oscillates ornery oranges toward his oral opening.

(Eeeeew, I am visualizing Orrin's oral opening...ツ )

Polly, the parrot, pecks petulantly at piles of peanuts. 

Queenie, the quetzal, quenches her cravings with quartered quinces.

Randy ravages repulsive rotten rockmelons.

Simon the snake slurps slimy slugs.

(Ewwwwww. I've got some slugs Simon can slurp!)

Tubby Teddy tucked into twenty tremendous Tijuana tacos.


Uncle Uggy urged underwhelming, undercooked undigestibles onto unsuspecting underlings.

Yikes! Hahaha!
Very voluptuous Veronica venerates variegated vegetables.




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