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This is a loosely interpreted version of an alphabet game. I'm finding our other
song game too restrictive as I have, I dunno.... a BAZILLION songs I want to post!!


we'll use the alphabet, starting w/A & running through Z.....

But the letter can represent the first letter of any word in the artist name
or the first letter of any word in the song title.

For Example: The Black Crowes - She Talks to Angels

can be used as the song for the letters T - B - C - S or A

Got it?

GO! '-)

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"M"  Mongrelettes

"S"  Stones

"R" Royal Pendletons




Carolina Beach Music for my baby...


"T" Tell Laura I Love Her

Don't get all teary eyed now listening to a 70 year old guy singing a teen age love song about some kid who died horribly in a fiery car wreck.


whoops, this one actually starts with "H"


"H" House Of the Rising Sun by Billy Strange who passed away yesterday.




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