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This is a loosely interpreted version of an alphabet game. I'm finding our other
song game too restrictive as I have, I dunno.... a BAZILLION songs I want to post!!


we'll use the alphabet, starting w/A & running through Z.....

But the letter can represent the first letter of any word in the artist name
or the first letter of any word in the song title.

For Example: The Black Crowes - She Talks to Angels

can be used as the song for the letters T - B - C - S or A

Got it?

GO! '-)

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Ray LaMontagne..... These Arms of Mine.... and now, the pièce de rèsistance... AMOS LEE...

YOU are a woman after my own heart!! Have you noticed that I play Amos Lee every chance I get? I saw him in concert TWICE last year! Once in Atlanta, and then ducatiman & I scheduled our vacation in the Great Smoky Mtns specifically so that we could catch his concert in Asheville, NC! 


So... one that I know I've played many times... my favorite...


W - Amos Lee's Arms of a Woman. sigh...


X......it's a tough one, please enjoy this Sherlock Hemlock song  LOL!!

Kudos on the "X"



You Know I'm No Good, Amy Winehouse


Okay, I'm stretching this one, so y'all feel free to call me out on it...

Jason Mraz is also known as "Mr. A-Z" & that was the name of his debut album.

So... Mr. A-Z's Wordplay- 


Glad you liked the "X", Quinn! 


"A" All i want is you  by U2- clip from Reality Bites



Happy Saturday guys! This is one of my "morning songs" that gets me bopping around & in a good mood. Enjoy...


Ben Harper's Steal My Kisses


Chain Gang, Sam Cooke [double letter points :-) ]



"D" Don't stop till you get enough   by Michael Jackson





Fell In Love With A Boy, Joss Stone


G - Sonya Kitchell's Let Me Go

H  "Hold me now" by the Thompson Twins





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