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This is a loosely interpreted version of an alphabet game. I'm finding our other
song game too restrictive as I have, I dunno.... a BAZILLION songs I want to post!!


we'll use the alphabet, starting w/A & running through Z.....

But the letter can represent the first letter of any word in the artist name
or the first letter of any word in the song title.

For Example: The Black Crowes - She Talks to Angels

can be used as the song for the letters T - B - C - S or A

Got it?

GO! '-)

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"K" Kiss me   Sixpence none the richer


Lola, The Kinks


"M" My Cherie Amour" Stevie Wonder


New York City, Ray Lamontagne



"O" On My Own by Lea  Salonga from Les Miserables



Peter Gunn, Sarah Vaughn


"Q" Quickly by John Legend, feat. Brandy



Rhythm of the Saints, Paul Simon




These Arms of Mine, Otis Redding


"U" Under the Milky Way   by The Church


Violin, Amos Lee [did I post this before? o, well...]





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