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Would you prefer a simpler time? The world seems complicated to me now and the whole world is too busy.

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Naw, I agree with poet Carl Sandburg, "...the past is a bucket of ashes." Well, most of my past sure was; grew up in a big city area where everybody was either "new money" or "old money" and there was me with just about no money. I grant you, the future doesn't look bright at all either, so now that I think about it, I wish I had been 10 years younger during the 80s; really liked the music, etc. of that time.

Was the past really that simple? Or were certain things not discussed? My family was notorious for having secrets. And I knew that there were things that I could not tell. I think people are more honest now and not ashamed to be who they are. And I love technology. I never would have believed that I could have conversations with someone half a world away in a war zone.

I agree.

To tell you the truth I miss the 70's (late 60's - 70's ). Times sure were simpler. I can remember SAFELY walking around the East Village, Manhattan, alone and with friends, at 4 in the morning. Actually, all around Manhattan at any hour. I understand that it's rather dangerous now. I'm an ex-hippy and trading the "peace sign" with others I bumped into was kinda cool. 
I remember being in concerts where everyone smiled and greeted each other and passed around wine bottles. We got high, not polluted. I honestly can't recall discrimination. Just about everyone was friendly and we had great times. I could go on but...

Steve, I remember fondly times like that in Calif.

Or maybe time has rewritten all the lines.   I sometimes reflect on times in the past, but if one actually gets back to the moment, it was really not all that good and from that prospective looked forward to better times.

I agree.

Give me the past 60's 70's and even up to 2000.  Growing up you never heard of people being shot at or schools being shot at and children and teachers dying or churches being burnt to the ground.  There is so much evil out there today.  Our 8th grad class went to the World's Fair in NYC and we were alone walking anywhere we wanted all over the city.  Try doing that today - I don't think so!

You got that right Wendy!

I agree!

Wendy,I agree TOTALLY!

I can remember hanging out with friends and walking around with no worries. If we wanted excitement we would ride out to the cemetery looking for ghost. I loved the late 60's and early 70's.




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