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....another silly game.  A & Q    (answers and questions)
Give an answer and the next person has to generate a question for that answer
then give another answer for someone else to respond to.


How does my bra feel at the moment?

a grope
What did Pru get last month?


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boring and boringer


wiggle your toes

What is nearly impossible to do with my neuropathy. 

Kiss my grits

What's the second-best thing to do with cheese grits?



What do you call a caldron of fire floating on a lake?

head waiter

(good one)

What do you call the first person at the beginning of the line?


The Platte River

duckbill creek

onion soup


What kind of soup might have you reaching for the breath mints?


Who are the ones able to do Ed?


french roll


The roll you get around the middle when you eat too much french pastry. 

hotdog bun

(Lookin' good, teebub)

What is a good wrap for my favorite breed ofd dog?

hold the mayo

Thanks!  ;-)

What you do when you miss the bun completely. 

upside down

What's the soft fuzzy stuff on top of a little goose?


a little goose




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