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....another silly game.  A & Q    (answers and questions)
Give an answer and the next person has to generate a question for that answer
then give another answer for someone else to respond to.


How does my bra feel at the moment?

a grope
What did Pru get last month?


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What do you call a flute thats been split in half?

Whoop Whoop!
cooking someone who won't talk.

the place where the Iditarod racers learn to say mush

mouse pad
What you get when you streak naked over a bed of hot coals.

peppermint patty
Have you ever really seen a cob spider?!!!? What does it look like?

what is the full moon

What brings a big smile to any childs face?

What brings a big smile to my face, if it's from my guy, or one of my dogs? '-)

Apartment Living
What is living apart from men? Or should I say a particular man?

(as an aside, I'm a dog and I nibble)

What do you call your ex under a steam roller?

Pavlovian Reflex
What do you call Al Pacino's hat?

rap music
What might you listen to really loudly that could cause you to strike yourself in the head in an attempt to knock yourself out rather than listen anymore?

(very good cappuccino response pup! '-)

tbd addiction




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