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....another silly game.  A & Q    (answers and questions)
Give an answer and the next person has to generate a question for that answer
then give another answer for someone else to respond to.


How does my bra feel at the moment?

a grope
What did Pru get last month?


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What makes my wife mad when I give her one.

take a gander

What do you do when you steal a duck?

duck, duck, goose

Can you name two waterfowl and a baseball player with a curly mustache?


google it

What do you call it when you do a take-off of Barney Google?

square root

What do you call a root that's not hip.

falling down

(good one)

What was London Bridge doing when they deconstructed it?

wrecking ball

A party where they tear down the walls.

hoola hoop

What do you call a b-ball net which is shaped like a grass skirt?

slam dunk

What could you do with all the participants in the poetry slam when you'd had enough?


fresh fodder

What stale fodder was like yesterday.

rocket science

What was the name of an Australian alternative rock band?

Holy Moly, I can't believe this game is still rolling, I started it in 2010.

Abderian   (tendency towards incessant, idiotic laughter) 

What do you call someone from Abder?


traveling pants




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