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Take the current word & form a new word from it by rearranging the letters &/or replacing 1 or 2 of the letters.
I started some of these on the original tbd site & really enjoyed them, so I thought I'd have a go at it here.
Since Thanksgiving is approaching how about we start with one that I think will prove challenging....


May 2, 2010 Update: hey, gang - check out our thread graphic above ^ it's a custom graphic of words we've posted here in the game - how cool is that?! "-D

My darling friend Angharad introduced me to "Wordle.net," a site where you can create your own word clouds. I've scolded her for turning me onto to it - she knew it would be creating a monster; I want to do it to all our games!

THEE SLAYER DUG - check it out.... your name made it in this one! =-)

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You, Ubu, are my hero. Never heard the word 'adduce' before, to my recollection. Thanks for elevating my vocabulary today. (btw.... can you use it in a sentence for me? I looked it up & get the definition, but I'm having a wee bit of difficulty transferring it into conversation)

puddle (much of my life today is in one ;-p)
muddle as in just muddle through today d's girl. ;)
Hiya, rosiebabie! '-)

paddle, as in what I'll use to muddle through the remainder of my day. ;-p

*I just caught a glimpse of TeeBubba in the hall*

Hey, you changed your name! Result of therapy?

ssshhh!!! no! it's one of my multiple personalities.... don't tell the doctor!

I didn't see the Bubba? Where? There? over there? I don't see him!
Chez - are you having TeeBubbaDee hallucinations?

Tay...I mean d's girl...Adduce: While playing cards the man drew adduce. :-)





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