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This is like the 6 & 7 Letter Word Games but way more CoMpLiCaTeD!!

5 Letter Word + Make A Sentence + Tag Team Story

Word Game Trifecta!

1) Form a new word from the current word by rearranging the letters &/or changing
ONE letter only.

2) Include your new word in a sentence.

3) Sentence must build on the previous sentence to tell a story! ;-P

May 2, 2010 Update: Okay - this is the best Wordle custom graphic for our games yet! lol!
Chez' "Only a SICKO would kick a chicken" tickles my funny bone! "-D

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played The Band's "Up on Cripple Creek" for her & everyone in the store got happy & began dancing & singing to it - the scene was made in the SHADE.

they purchased a bunch of stuff for the pool, and went for a swim but some one yelled at them because..
...that particular neighbor HATES the sound of splish-splashing.

(do you think "splish-splash" is an onamonapia?)
Joe got out of the pool, mooned the neighbor, smacked his butt and said,"Have a TASTE of this"!
They all cracked up and went inside to order....
a soft-serve ice cream maker so they'd never run out of a summer TREAT.
Joe didn't like ice cream, he was lactose intolerant so he had to REACH for a popcicle,
the other guys pigged out on ice scream, one burped so loud, down fell the ...
clock off the wall, hitting the cat on the head, so that now he HEARS things that aren't really there.
Then someone says, "Who wants to shear the cat?"
Joe said if you shear the cat I will cut out your HEART and feed it to the cat
and the other guys nodded in agreement they all approached the mean guy and he..
TEARS outta there so fast all he leaves is a trail of dust.
the STRAY pitbull dog chased him nipping at his heels.
The other guys jumped in their Cadillac Coup Deville
and went uptown to pick up some...
...kibble. Meanwhile, a playful, 3-legged Boxer mix named Peggy hooked a long strap to the collar of a billy goat, hopped onto a skateboard and had the best time riding around, chariot style.

(I met a really cute 3-legged Boxer mix named Peggy @ the shelter yesterday '-) The leg wasn't able to be saved; it's completely amputated now, completely healed.




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