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This is like the 6 & 7 Letter Word Games but way more CoMpLiCaTeD!!

5 Letter Word + Make A Sentence + Tag Team Story

Word Game Trifecta!

1) Form a new word from the current word by rearranging the letters &/or changing
ONE letter only.

2) Include your new word in a sentence.

3) Sentence must build on the previous sentence to tell a story! ;-P

May 2, 2010 Update: Okay - this is the best Wordle custom graphic for our games yet! lol!
Chez' "Only a SICKO would kick a chicken" tickles my funny bone! "-D

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you have to go up the Seine River to paint an oil painting of the
DOCKS at sunset. Slim said he had to paint to make some money to find
his way back home which was in...
Booth Bay Harbor Maine. The family came from a long line of SCROD fishermen. The season had started and Slim , more and more frequently, had found himself yearning for the sea again. Paris was no place for him. His artwork had become a mere tool for paying bills...and he had many. But the sea called and responsibility faded to recollections of......
...leaning on the rail as the Donna Lynn plowed through swells, gulls wheeling overhead and nets set on the tide...while on the western horizon ROCKS marking the shoreline rose from the place where his love once waited. That had been years past; yet the memory was as sweet and new as if it were yesterday. Slim closed his eyes in reverie. Her golden hair, her hazel eyes were there as if she'd never left him when suddenly the spell was broken by......
…the call of alarm from the harbor master. There, not one hundred yards from shore, a skiff, its sail torn, listing precariously to starboard with no one aboard. Or, so it appeared. Imagine Slim’s SHOCK as a head rose above the bow of the small craft and…
...called out to his direction; "au secours ! "
Slim's heart leapt. Involuntarily he rose from his paints and easel. In a daydream so powerful his mind CHOSE to believe it was her; sank like a weight just as quickly. His beloved coast of New england and a battered boat carrying his love from its reaches thousands of miles away was far too much a stretch for even his lovesick soul.
The Seine was calm, he navigated its stone wall, stripped off his shirt to dive into its current......
It turned out it was a french Poodle in the boat, that jumped out and swam ashore to rescue drowning Slim from the pollution in the water.
He had to be HOSED down by the fire department then..
they wanted to DOUSE him a second time, just to jolt him back to reality, but he came to his senses & told them to back off!
He was glad to be on SOLID ground and was really hungry for a ..
...plate of sauerkraut with Alsatian sausages and LOADS of Dijon mustard. He limped up the quay to the Brasserie de l'Isle, where he installed himself on the terrace and hoped that his clothing would dry before the sun went down. The white-aproned waiter took his order and when he reappeared with a pitcher of Mutzig he discreetly handed Slim a towel and said, "...
Monsieur Slim you look really de'lectable in the wet, clingy clothes , I hope you enjoy your
de'liciuex meal and for dessert I recommend me as your Popsicle amour SLAVE,
Slim smiled and said..
"Non, merci, but if you can tell me where the waitress over there LIVES, I'd be much obliged. She looks like the woman of my dreams."

Le garçon gave a resigned shrug and said, "I don't know, but I'll send her over with your order when it's up." Twenty minutes later, she arrived at the table with a steaming heap of choucroute and a big smile, saying, "Alors, monsieur...
here is the street number to my house, in my boudoir I am a VILES a rouge that has ever lived, a bon marche' souillon,
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec painted me and in his chateau we devoured each other with amour.
Slim smiled and said...




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