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This is like the 6 & 7 Letter Word Games but way more CoMpLiCaTeD!!

5 Letter Word + Make A Sentence + Tag Team Story

Word Game Trifecta!

1) Form a new word from the current word by rearranging the letters &/or changing
ONE letter only.

2) Include your new word in a sentence.

3) Sentence must build on the previous sentence to tell a story! ;-P

May 2, 2010 Update: Okay - this is the best Wordle custom graphic for our games yet! lol!
Chez' "Only a SICKO would kick a chicken" tickles my funny bone! "-D

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Even though Peggy didn't have all her PARTS, she was a happy camper and gave kisses to everyone
she met ........
... & she easily TRAPS d's heart, winning her over w/personality & affection. (d's is a pushover; she's in trouble)
Peggy was easy to STEER D's heart into taking her home and rubbing her belly and
for dindin cooking her...
STEWS with meat in them! '-)
thanks a lot for reminding me about Peggy, Beth! ;-p
...and so continues the sweet tale of Peggy.

I have a sister by that name.
Adding another dog to my menagerie while I'm visiting my displaced foster so often, anticipating the start of a new job & helping to move the love of my life down here feels like too STEEP a hill to climb right now. ya'll quit talking about Peggy!
(I know, I know- I started it ;-p)
We don't want to be pests in d's eyes so instead we'll discuss the joys of lapidary kits. ;-)
Lapidary kits?! YAY! A lapidary kit stops me in my tracks! '-)

(okay, I really don't know what a lapidary is, but it works in our game here)
I had forgotten all about this phase in my youth. When we cleaned out my folks house we found my little storage case of polished rocks.

Let the posts continue.

Oh, I had one of those when I was a little kid, too!
THANKS, for the memories...

I shouldn't be posting. I should stoop down & wash the floor.
One thing about floors is that all those dirty SPOTS reappear like magic, especially when the stool overflows and runs all over the floor. That was our 4th of July celebration (ha)!




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