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The flip side of joy...can't seem to have one without the other. Any kind...5/7/5 it.

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no one is perfect
the mind-body connection
has numerous shorts :>)

we do what we can
we don't do what we cannot
it's human nature

cut yourself some slack
just making it this far proves
you did plenty right

(This is as much to me as to you, K. LOL)

 friends feel friends' pain

in a warm hug or afar

hang in there my buds.....

working through the pain
sharp as a knife this minute
love will dull the ache

my face wet with tears
all the pain i can't express
forcing its way out

silent as spring rain
you drift in and out of me
here and gone again

leaving in your wake
a reservoir far too full
of love and sorrow

a loved one's absence
leaves a wound disembodied
invisible pain

doing what is right
leaves scant room for joy between
hello and goodbye

Throbbing temples scream,

Calm this aching uterus.

Swelling body, STOP!

Evocative! Time for ibuprofen. Ha!

can't face any more
just leave me here in silence
i don't want no sun

I love Lalah Hathaway--what an artist she is. A tribute to her dad. And what an honest song about how it feels when you want off the roller-coaster...

an obligation
last line on his to-do list
check it off then sleep

peace for Muhammad

this special soul shook our world

he now can be still

confused and heartsick...
how can love boil down to this
uncaring silence




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