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As in, "What's So BAD About..."

Like, fer instance...WSBA letting your dog root around in the neighbor's flower bed?

Not that I've ever let mine do that, Heavens, No...

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WSBA blowing off a whole day, doing nothing?
Not a thing, it is the ultimate in personal pleasure.

WSBA losing your to do list?
Then you have to make a new one and add about 16 more things that weren't on the first one

WSBA consuming just a tad too much alcohol?.
Not much, just don't get to the point you need to pray to the porcelain goddess.

WSBA still working on Saturday's to do list.
what list?

wsba spying on the neighbors?
nothing it is fun and why stop after the weekend, the week never ends, it revovles.

wsba liking the UPS man and his uniform?
it is OK if you like cake, I rather have pie!

wsba procrastinating?
I'll let you know in a while.

WSBA dancing across the rooftops?
nothing if you want the men in white suits or blue ones coming to take you away.
You'll never see me on a hot tin roof.

wsba the neighbors cats coming in my back yard to hunt the noisy birds that like to crap on the cars?
You're preserving precious electrical power, which costs money and eats up our environment, ya know.

WSBA Cheese Doodles?
they get your fingers all orange.

wsba cracker jacks?
Cracking your tooth on a popcorn kernel.

WSBA work?




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