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Seeing The Future I now understand why one was given the gift to posses such knowledge and how to apply that knowledge properly and
justly . I can say that people have to be educated and informed and
then there is no excuse for pleading ignorance. When I was a child I
knew I was different an did not fit in with all the kids. I knew there
was a reason why ? I had to suffer and got through so much in my
lifetime it was to become the great advisor and leader I meant to
become I have the wisdom and courage to stand on my knowledge and be
tested and welcome the challenges that were placed in front of me only
to ecell beyond even my own expectations. Wealth is a state of mind
before finances.

March 1, 2010 These are my predictions President Obamba will not hold office for any longer than two years and
there will be a global depression that will break all countries and
there will be famines and deaths due to new diseases / viruses we can
not treat let alone cure. Earth Quakes will rock the world coming more
frequently and more natural disasters coming and happening. Losses of
lives ,destroying countries and USA in destruction as well yet all is
good we are going to be The people who are good living and full of
faith will not be touched by any of this at all. I am not . Get ready
fasten your seat belts The Cleansing has began.... Banks will continue
close stores will close. The Asian Markets Collpase and China goes
broke. The USA Collpases ,Domestic Terrorist Attacks in worst time
economic times of all .

UFO"S are evil and are here to decieve people as they land on earth Massive Erruption volcanic that
spirts posion gasses and all water and food supplies within the West
Coast. Tusamis wipes most of California and New York City.

People lost their way and people are seeing the consequences of the actions .
So many are dying and so much death and destruction around us daily it
can be very dismal. I find happiness in making a snowman and going
sledding in the snow storms not the negative the positive. I am still
having a good time living the good life decent honorable and looking
to forward to each day that one day we will be a society free of greed,
killings, and all that is evil.

May God Bless You .. Angel Austin- Yurko

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Comment by caseyjo on March 1, 2010 at 3:54pm
......LOL....They are for real too....
Comment by caseyjo on February 28, 2010 at 5:01pm
Maybe it's a joke, but I have neighbors who talk this same screwy stuff......
Comment by Quinn on February 28, 2010 at 4:48pm
Is this a joke?
It has to be, right?
Comment by caseyjo on February 28, 2010 at 4:36pm
Holy Cow....... We will self destruct for one reason & one reason only... "the need to be right"...How sad. Mother Nature is just Mother Nature, It does what it does regardless of our feelings. The smartest thing to do when people call for revolution is to go to your neighbors house and offer them a bowl of soup or something then sit down and peacefully talk about solutions. My father always said..."The smart man uses the stupid man to fight for him"......So while you are out there fighting what you consider to be the good fight..The powers that be who own this country will be sitting in lavish restaurants partying it up... laughing at the stupidity of the people who kill each other.



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