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The first woman to earn Nobel Economic prize, Elinor Otrom

It's initiative of Elinor Ostrom,to work on unusal field of common property management,which earned her the exclusive honor of becoming the first woman to earn Nobel Economic prize.Likewise,field of work for co-sharing Economist,Williamson, is also unusal,being Corporate effeciency. This decision is also reflective of the Nobel prize committee's approach to be more open-minded and evaluate through wider perspective.
This is what Jagland,Chairman Nobel Prize committe for Peace did in case of Obama. So all this comes as a kind of shock to conventional thinkers.However they need to learn to live with the demands and challenges of 21st century.Good luck to Ostrom and hope her wish to see more members of her sex,will be materialized soon,at least during her life timeRead More

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