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Lanie brought a fresh tray of drinks out to patio and set it down on the wooden cocktail table in the midst of the grouping of four deck chairs. The sun was beginning to set so she lit a large pillar candle ensconced in a glass hurricane holder. As she leaned over her husband Rob and their friend Colin both smiled appreciatively at her. Only Tara, tonight’s unofficial guest of honor, seemed oblivious to her charms. In fact, Tara seemed oblivious to the three of them as she sat curled up in her chair staring at the flowers. She really hadn’t said much since they’d gotten back to the house and Lanie wondered if she was truly interested in them at all.

“She’s just a tad bit shy at first” Colin had told them “takes her a moment to warm up to folks, she’s a quiet one but believe me when she’s interested there’s no mistaking about it.”

They’d known Colin for years and trusted his judgment implicitly for he had never steered them wrong, but this time they weren’t so sure. They’d first seen Tara when Colin had shown up to a private splash and play party with her dangling from his arm. She wasn’t his usual type –she was in fact quite the opposite. He normally had a petite blonde with blue eyes and fake tits bouncing beside him. The dime a dozen type. But this girl was different most notably she was black with the prettiest cocoa brown skin either of them had ever seen. She was 6 feet tall easy and had long, thick but shapely legs that went on forever. She had nice sized natural breasts a smallish waist and a backside that was as plump and juicy as a ripe summer strawberry. She wore her hair in waist length braids and had a delicious little pout of a lip glossed mouth, she was in a word exotic. That night they’d watched her dance nearly the entire evening wearing a pink crochet triangle bikini top and tiny pink velour shorts with white piping at the sides. Plenty of people had hounded Colin for an intro in hopes of getting a chance at a little playtime with her but she only had eyes for Colin or so it seemed for she did not play with anyone, not even him – she just lay beside him watching while he indulged in the evening’s delights.

Both she and Rob had been completely taken with her and had finally talked Colin into arranging a date with her. Lanie was white as was Colin and Rob Japanese, neither had ever been with a black woman before. She was definitely the one they wanted. Colin had spoken to her about them and wonder of wonders she had remembered them, she’d liked Rob. She apparently had a sweet tooth for Asian men.

So they had met for an early dinner, she was wearing a white linen halter dress and strappy white sandals, frosted pink sunglasses held back her hair and a round medallion with a rune inscribed on it dangled between her breast. Colin walked into the restaurant with her strutting like the cock of the walk. He was clearly older but still dashingly handsome and enjoyed the attention he received whenever he arrived anywhere with a good looking, nubile, young thing by his side.

During dinner she had been polite, friendly, charming even but not particularly talkative. She was however articulate and quite smart. Beauty and brains – definitely not something Colin’s usual women were known for. She didn’t drink, ate sparingly but laughed heartily. She loves a good joke, Colin had quipped, that’s why she’s with me. Chuckles all around.

There was dessert, she’d had something with whipped cream and Lanie had felt herself go moist as she watched her licking it off of her fingers and then having Colin do the same. Was she flirting with them or just Col? After coffee Rob had delivered the invitation to go back to the house. They had a lovely little private patio with a garden of sorts. The Hydrangeas, one of your favorites right Tara? Are in full bloom – you should see them. She’s smiled and had said she’d love to if it was alright with Col.

It had been more than alright with Col.

They had been back at the house for nearly two hours now. She had been receptive when Rob had taken her by the arm and showed them around the place, had graciously offered to help Lanie get the first round of drinks and nibbles from the kitchen and had even played for more than a few minutes with their usually cantankerous Tabby, Mitzi who seemed to be equally taken with her. But other than that, no real signs of the evening going anywhere they really wanted it to. Ah well, it happened that way sometimes. The best thing to do was just sit back, relax and enjoy the night. After all it wasn’t as if they were having a bad time. Colin was always a pleasure to be around and so far Tara was too. She didn’t speak much but when she did she was either funny or engaging and often times both. .

They were in the midst of a conversation about the best meals they’d ever had in France when Tara stood up and excused herself to go to the bathroom. A little too much lemonade. They all nodded. Did she remember where the guest bath was? Lanie asked. She nodded yes and set off across the patio towards the house. They returned to their conversation. A moment later Rob’s eyes grew round as saucers and a smile spread quickly across his face.

“I think she likes us..” he said

Colin turned to look behind him and smiled as well.

“Yes mate, it appears as though she does indeed”

Lanie followed both of their gazes and nearly choked trying to swallow the bit of wine that was in her mouth.

There in the middle of the patio stood Tara, naked except for a barely there silk thong, heels and a smile. The white dress at her feet. She looked over her shoulder at them coyly placing one finger on her lower lip briefly before speaking,

“Silly me, I can’t remember – is the loo on this floor or the same one as the bedroom? Perhaps someone should show me…” she said walking on towards the house.

All three stood very quickly and followed behind her.

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