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Most people have made them in their lifetimes. I quit smoking cold turkey on New Year's Eve, Midnight, December 31, 1982. The resolution took, as I used sunflower seeds to sooth my craving for a smoke. I have made it to 73 yeas of age so far, but I do need an inhaler for my infrequent bouts of bronchial asthma. Who knows if the smoking cessation helped?

Other pledges have included: 1) paying off all my debts and living debt free. I accomplished that task in 1996 as I burned my mortgage, paid cash for cars and future homes and never failed to settle a credit bill on time, avoiding interest. This practice has made me financially comfortable, 2) loosing weight, but the weight has come back, so I try and try again. Last year saw me reducing by approximately 13 lbs. 3) reading a wider array of books, as I totaled 152 varied titles last year, 4) breaking 80 in golf, which I haven't done in about 7 seven years. I will probably break 80 in age first.

So this year I have selected "reducing stress" as my resolution. I can't give it up, as human life is filled with stress. But the doctors have told me it helps to control my blood pressure. This is a good thing, as high blood pressure is a sure way to meet the grim reaper ahead of time. I used to enjoy stress, working as union relations negotiator at one time in my career. Every day was a pile of problems waiting for me in the conference room with people ready to tear my head off the moment they heard anything they didn't like.

As I age, I find that I get more agitated when things go wrong, although there is no imminent danger in the result. Old people get the reputation of being grumpy and negative. I think they call that being a curmudgeon. I am taking some steps, such as trying to ignore the politics of our country as that could drive anyone to drink with the inane behavior of what many term a dysfunctional government. I will also try to eliminate most worries about money, as I will put just about all my bills on automatic pay and let my broker handle my investment.

I am also going to try to practice a bit of yoga a few minutes each day.  I have toyed with yoga and meditation therapy over the years.   I now have the mat laid out, a couple of balls for exercise and my daughter just got me a tube-like thing- a-ma-jig for my back and legs. Of course, the diet is important as I am trying to cut back on salt, lose a bit more weight and exercise on a daily basis. I current ride a bike an hour a day.

Why am I reporting this on a blog?  They say the best way to achieve a resolution is to let everybody know what you are doing, so here it is.I promise to report back -- the results being positive or negative.  

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