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Hey everyone. Guess what? It seems I’ve been very bad lately. Yeah-ya. Surprised? Ha-ha! No you aren’t. You know the only thing I’m qualified for is breaking things, don’t-cha? Ha-ha! Of course you do.

‘So what’d he do now?’ you ask? Well I’ll tell ya. It seems I was wrong when I suggested that the latest birther conspiracy was designed as a part of the plot to undermine the President during the health care debate. Have you heard about that? It seems a new certificate has turned up indicating Obama was born in Kenya, but the forgery was so bad that it seems there are maybe six different ways of proving it’s a fake.

So instead of ridiculing the President, this is designed to make a laughing stock out of everyone committed to proving that Obama is unqualified to be President; and the guys who dreamed it up really don’t appreciate having their efforts misunderstood. Ha-ha. No they don’t. Well. I don’t blame them, I guess. I mean, it is kinda funny, and I imagine even the President had to smile just a little over that one.

But I mean, hey. Isn’t enough enough already? Don’t we have more important things to do?

So anywayz, someone wasn’t happy about that. I don’t know why really. I mean, it isn’t as if my wisdom ha-ha! EeYeah, my wisdom carries all that much weight now is it? No, no it isn’t.

And it seems that isn’t all some folks are upset about either. It seems someone doesn’t like the theory I put forth that Lou Dobbs over at CNN is on loan to U.S. Intel from M.I.6 - or someone like that - and that FOX news and Glenn Beck are all part of a similar op begun a long time ago under Reagan designed to undermine that sacred cow - ha-ha! Eeyeah - that sacred cow we call Freedom of the Press.

Ha-ha! Eeyeah. Sacred Cow. You don’t get it? Well think about it. F.O.X. It stands for Fuck the Ox doesn’t it? And in this case, the ox is a sacred cow, Freedom of the Press. Sure. That makes sense doesn’t it? And the plan is to screw the ox, in this case by undermining its credibility. Sure. And who better to do that than someone like Glenn Beck? I mean, think about it. How’s a guy like that end up with a book or two on the New York Times best seller list? Ha-ha! Now that’s what I call Cr4zy!

Anywayz. So yeah, it seems they aren’t happy. Yeah-ya. “They.” Well who are ‘they’ you ask? Well I dunno, but they kinda look just like you. Ha-ha! No really, I’m just kidding. Try not to throw anything too heavy, will ya?

Ha-ha! Eeyeah. Anywayz. So no, they aren’t to happy. In fact, it seems they are so upset they plan to blow something up. Something really big. Well how do I know you ask? I don’t really, that was just the suggestion - ha-ha! Eeyeah, the suggestion that was on the street last Tuesday. I mean, I dunno, could be it’s a lie. I thought probably it might be, I mean, no one really ever tells me anything anywayz, so why would anyone tell me about this? Well, that’s just it, they probably wouldn’t.

But then I read in the paper on Wednesday that the Chief of the L.A. police department just retired, rather unexpectedly. So that made me go hm. Yeah it did. It made me go hm. You don’t remember do you. Louis Freeh retired as head of the FBI about two months before September 11.

So anywayz. Now I’m going hm, and I just can’t seem to stop. What, you think that’s funny? You try going hm all day long and see how you feel.

It’s just plain crazy! That’s what it is. Cr4zY!

© D. Winter
August 7, 2009

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Comment by ZenDog on August 9, 2009 at 1:43am
It's all gotten quite a bit out of hand, hasn't it.
Comment by Dazzling Zoomer Gal Diana on August 8, 2009 at 8:29am
The hard-core right wing ding bat puppets are so busy overtly conspiring to psychologically manipulate others (by rote and script) , they have failed to realize that they have lost their credibility. Their antics and high jinks are laughable, and pitiable, and are designed to be as such. What is chilling, are the sophisticated covert operations. that are going on behind these public and calculated distractions.
Comment by ZenDog on August 8, 2009 at 5:10am
I'm not at all certain those hard-core right wingers even know what real is anymore. Maybe they've decided that real is nothing more than something we make up as we go, so it's ok to completely redefine it.

Along with a complete re-definition of everything else too, of course . . .
Comment by Grace Linda on August 7, 2009 at 10:48am
I say keep it up!!! These same people are able to spit out anything they hear falling out of Limbaughs mouth as if it is gospel. Unlike you that are not able to come up with an original thought. I am sooooooooooooooo tired of the blablabla...... I remember when W was in office, if you said anything against his policies you were UN-AMERICAN, or not a REAL American etc... Now it seems perfectly acceptable to ripe this president a new one.....HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I wonder why????



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